Thursday, 26 April 2012


12:52 Sell Jindal Steel@492.3

12:52 Sell JSW steel@698


12:51 Sell ACC@1207

12:51 Sell HDFC@675.2


12:40 Sell Hindalco@118.65


11:21 Sell BHEL@229.3


11:11 Sell AXIS bank@1078.5

11:11 Sell Bajaj Auto@1630


11:10 Sell DLF@182.4


  1. Can you also give SL & Targets for each?

  2. SL will be provided from the coming week onwards. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Thanks. Would I be able to do algo trading from my systems, as a retail investor in India? Would you have any pointers on this and how to go about doing this?


  4. As of now retail investors cannot involve themselves in algo trading practically.
    Special direct routing Softwares need to be purchased/leased from NSEIT or some other
    institutions (would cost around 1lac per month min). Also, an office needs to be
    established within the NSE premises (order execution time should be less than 2milli
    seconds). Basic pattern of algo needs to be disclosed to NSE i.e., whether
    it is based on MA or EMA etc., Inspection will take place before the grant of
    license. However, there is one alternative which is opening account with
    interactive brokers with $25,000 equivalent. Little bit of programming knowledge
    will be helpful to set up the system.