Answer Yes (Y) or No (N) to the following questions. Keep a count on 'yes' & no’s
Y N You’ve tried more than one new investment strategy this year 

Y N Feel you’re buying and selling funds at the wrong time

Y N Rarely open up to anybody for feedback about your losses

Y N Subscribe to two or more newsletters, feel overwhelmed

Y N Can count on one hand all the good laughs this week

Y N Have a lingering resentment about someone or something

Y N You love cable news, but need more time to trade

Y N Rarely break a sweat when exercising the past few weeks

Y N Wonder whether you bet too much on recent investments

Y N Need more than three caffeine and alcohol drinks a day

Y N Feel “something” keeps you from making more money

Y N Frequently don’t trust your instincts or your strategy

Y N You’ve had a major family or personal loss recently

Y N Believe losses are caused by the market manipulators

Y N You’re overweight and snack often on comfort food

Y N Fear your future trades may fail due to a losing streak

Y N Diet and sleep are disturbed by worries about money

Y N Your retirement portfolio’s not growing fast enough

Y N No vacation in a year, and lack an active social life

Y N Nothing (or everything) interferes with making money

            If the total number of ‘yes’ is six or more, then it is time to look for a coach or even look for an alternative to this profession.  Take a break and go on a holiday trip with your family. 
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Thanks to:  Market Watch and Mr. Paul B. Farrell.


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