Understanding Performance Summary

          1.   RP=Recommended price
          2.   TF=Trade in favour
          3.   TA=Trade against
          4.   NA=Not applicable
Recommended price:  The price at which the algorithm indicates/suggests a buy or sell of equity.

Trade in favour: Highest (in case of long/buy call) or lowest (in case of sell/short call) price achieved after the RP suggestion.

Trade against: Lowest(in case of long/buy call) or highest(in case of short/sell call) price seen/traded after the RP suggestion.

Not applicable: Once the price of equity achieves or crosses  1% in favour of our call the trade becomes totally safe and very much profitable. In such instances, any move from then on against our trend is considered null and void as the trader would have booked his entire profit if had strictly followed the suggestions mentioned in “how to use Algo?” column.


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