How To Use ALGO?

What is an Algo program? 
        It is nothing but a set of rules to be followed by computer, in calculations, to make a decision (without human intervention) on purchase (buy) or sale of equity.

The page refreshes on its own every 90 secs. You can place a buy/sell order close to the indicated price. In case there is a need for stop loss (SL), it will be provided. If not, you can wait for counter buy/sell for the same to close the position (in case of a move against the indication). Unless and other wise, the trend has changed completely, there will be no further updates on any counters for whom a buy/sell has been posted previously.

There will be absolutely no targets.  The algo never looks into the future (& that is how it has to be created) and makes buy/sell decisions only with a previously completed bar/candle. 

The trader is expected to close positions or start booking profits using the following procedure:-
a. When profit crosses 0.5%,  place SL at cost price
b. When profit crosses 0.7%, place SL at 0.5%
c. When profit crosses 1%, place SL at 0.75%.
d. When profit crosses 1.2% book profit for 50% quantity at current price and for the remaining qty place SL at 0.75%.  Wait for the entire session or at least till one hour before the closing of the market and book entire profit for the remaining qty.

There will be "Cover & buy" or "Sell & short" instruction only when the trend changes close to previously given "buy or sell"  without allowing even 0.5% profit from the previous call.


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