Financial freedom keeps your heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life. Join me, NSE Algo Trader, and money will cascade to you like a waterfall which channels its own path.

What you need to do:-

This Algo has been created specially for novice traders. Just buy and sell blindly whenever suggestions are made.

How much to invest?

It is upto the individuals risk taking capacity. All I would suggest is to split the leverage allowed by your broker equally among 3-4 counters so that you end up positive on a daily basis.

What you should never do;-

Never give into emotions which is the biggest enemy of a trader. Stay cool and calm. The algo will take care of the rest.

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Wednesday, 1 August 2012


10:11 Buy JSW Steel@686 sl 680 tgt 693 tgt achieved
10:11 Sell HDFC@696 sl 702 tgt 691 tgt achieved
10:11 Sell HDFC bank@579 sl 585 tgt 574 exit@cost
10:02 Buy Ambuja Cem@183.8 sl 182 tgt 186 tgt achieved
10:02 Buy LICHSFG@266.5 sl 264 tgt 269 tgt achieved
09:53 Buy ABAN@381 sl 378 tgt 386 tgt achieved
09:50 Buy ICICI bank@958 sl 949 tgt 968 tgt achieved
09:30 Buy HDFC@700 sl 693 tgt 707 exit@cost
09:30 Buy Bharti Artl@302 sl 299 tgt 305 sl hit
09:30 Sell Coal India@356 sl 359 tgt 352 tgt achieved
09:28 Sell ACC@1319 sl 1333 tgt 1306 tgt achieved
09:28 sell AXIS bank@1048 sl 1058 tgt 1038 tgt achieved